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GiggleGlory.com makes wishful thinking possible. GiggleGlory is conceptualized to serve your shopping needs for your children, online, sitting in the comfort of your home. We at GiggleGlory.com our committed to create a kids souk which is attractive, easy to locate products and engaging for the children as well as thei..
"In the world of Face book, Whatsapp & Twitter. English Become the media to be social as these are dominating media for being social in today’s digital & global world. English become the most used language in the world so it is very important for everyone to be familiar with the English language so that you can also ..
STEM for kids provides Engineering, Science, Technology, and Math (STEM) programs for children in Dubai, UAE. We are privileged to be bringing this to Dubai as the first of its kind in the region, and are looking forward to creating a generation with excitement and enthusiasm for STEM.
Early education means play school, every parents are very much alert just after 2 years of child how to train them according to society. Nowadays most of schools want to admit the students who have special intelligence quotient (IQ). Though, there is need feel by parents to provide training regarding general life so th..
App Alert is a safety app for school going children. It's a real time school bus tracker that notifies parents where their children are, at all times.
Kids are enthusiastic and fun lover. They try to learn everything they saw around them.Hence, as a parent, you need the perfect tool that will help your kid enjoy and learning at the same time. May be, your kid is a nature lover or you have a camping in a forest with your family or your kid loves outdoor games. In this..